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About us

Abundant Life Therapy Services (ALTS) provides speech therapy services to people with disabilities and other special needs. Recognizing the tremendous demand the company was formed to address the urgent need for quality speech therapy services in not only in the western part of the valley but other underserved areas as well.


We understand that the families in these underserved areas are in desperate need of services but are often times restricted by things such as location, adequate transportation, and therapist availability. Our goal is to bridge the gap between these families and the therapy services they desperately need.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide quality speech therapy services to individuals with disabilities and other special needs in underserviced areas throughout the state of Arizona by bridging the gap and making services more accessible.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide superior and quality speech therapy services to individuals with disabilities and other special needs.

  • Offer assistance in receiving other behavioral intervention therapies such as occupational, physical, and music therapies.

  • Bridge the gap of accessibility to services and expand our service area.

  • Improve the quality of life for our members and their families.

  • Educate and engage in complete partnership with our families to assist them in the care of their loved ones.

  • (Long-Term Goal) Expand our services in effort to provide all the needs of our members such as, occupational, physical, music, and animal therapies, respite, habilitation, attendant care, behavioral health, and eventually residential/group home services.

Business Philosophy

  • We are determined to provide services of the utmost quality to all of our members.

  • We believe in partnership and teamwork as it relates to the care of our members.

  • We support our therapists and staff so their primary focus is our members and their families.

  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to our members.

  • We strive to provide a better quality of life for our members, their families, and their communities.



meet our staff!
Shanikka Perryman


Ms. Perryman is a true Arizona native born and raised here in Phoenix. Her passion for speech therapy and working with individuals with special needs began 10 years ago when her only son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of two. Frightened but determined to help her son in any way possible, she began taking him to a speech therapist. It was sitting in those sessions with her son week after week that ignited her love for speech. She returned back to school and changed her major to Speech-Language Pathology.

After completing her degree at EMCC and becoming a Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Ms. Perryman began drafting her plans to start her own practice. She created Abundant Life Therapy Services to help serve families like her own who reside in areas where few therapists are available. She has diligently served families throughout the West Valley as an SLPA since 2013 and is currently working toward her Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology.

She currently resides in the West Valley with her wonderful son who is her inspiration and her beautiful twin daughters.

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