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Abundant Life Therapy Services
Live Life in Abundance

What is Abundant Life Therapy Services?

Abundant Life Therapy Services (ALTS) offers quality speech and language therapy to children and individuals with communication disorders, developmental delays, cognitive disabilities, and other special needs.

Our belief is that each individual regardless of disorder or diagnosis possess the ability to live a happy full life overflowing in abundance.


Who is Abundant Life Therapy Services?

We are an agency comprised of some of the most knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated, and supportive therapists in the State of Arizona. Our experience levels range from new graduates eager to serve their community with fresh perspectives to seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience.

We believe in the three E's; expectation (setting high expectations for ourselves), effort (giving all we have to our members), and excellence (providing nothing short of excellent services).

Services We Offer

We treat a variety of speech and language disorders such as:

-Articulation and Phonological Disorders

-Auditory Processing Disorders

-Language and Pragmatic Disorders

-Fluency Disorders

-Voice Disorders

-Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Direct Care Services

-Respite Services

-Habilitation Services

-Attendant Care Services

Homemaker/Housekeeping Services

We also offer resources for families such as:

-Family support and counseling

-IEP advocacy and assistance

-Food and utility assistance

Why Choose Abundant Life Therapy Services?

We have several unique features that we believe set us apart.

                -Our therapists are personable and professional.

                -Our unwavering commitment and dedication to our members.

                -We strive to be active partners in the care of our members.

                -We advocate for our members and their families.

                -We help families navigate through the system and get the resources they need.


                -We are more than just speech therapists. 

Get Started!

Let us help you get the services you need. The first step is to complete the intake process. Please fill out the intake and insurance forms and someone will contact you to set up a service meeting.

Intake Forms

Insurance Forms


Let us help


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